Questions Finding Sex Addiction Counselor

Questions Finding Sexual Addiction CounselorQuestions Finding Sexual Addiction Therapist

Finding a counselor who is knowledgeable about sexual addiction is critical and often counselors will label themselves as “specialists” but have never received specialized training in sex addiction.  We have heard many disappointed clients share their negative initial experiences with a therapist that had only book knowledge of sex addiction.

Certified Sex Addiction Therapist

A counselor trained in sex addiction is the ideal choice, but unfortunately, such professionals are quite rare.  Look first for a counselor who understands sexual addiction. Someone who doesn’t understand sexual addiction can do more harm than good. Sexual Addiction therapists know how to guide individuals and couples toward a recovery and healing program that works.

Questions To Ask Potential Counselors

It’s wise to interview the therapist to see if she/he seems to be an appropriate choice.  Here are some suggested questions to ask:

  1. Are you trained in treating addictions and/or sexual addiction?
  2. Are you a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT)?
  3. Have you heard of Dr. Patrick Carnes?
  4. Do you recommend the 12 Step program of recovery?
  5. Do you work from a trauma-based model in treating addictions?
  6. How many sexually addicted clients have you treated?
  7. What’s your definition of sexual sobriety?
  8. What’s your experience in helping spouses/partners of sex addicts?
  9. What about couples? How do you work with them?
  10. Does your counseling center have sex addiction counseling groups or spouses counseling group?

After asking the therapist the above ten questions, it is also good to determine whether the therapist would be a good fit for you. The most important quality of sexual addiction therapy is the connection and whether the client feels safe to share everything. A therapist working with sexual addiction will never shame, judge or react with shock.

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