Men’s Sex Addiction Group Counseling

Sexual Addiction Counseling Group Denver
Sex addiction groups form the foundation for healing from sexual compulsion, as well as for the partners and wives betrayed and traumatized by the addicts behavior.

As trained sexual addiction therapists, we believe that recovery from sexual addiction comes about by working a specific, proven recovery program that includes both individual and group counseling. Individual counseling looks at the underlying wounds, past trauma, relational brokenness, and working through shame.

Sex addiction groups serve a number of different and important purposes including:

  • Providing accountability for the addict to be honest and follow through with commitments.
  • Re-create unhealthy family dynamics in the now for therapists and clients to understand.
  • Allow for learning new healthy family dynamics and intimacy abilities.
  • Providing shame reduction through connection to others with same problems.
  • Practice new tools and insights learned with peers.
  • Build new and lasting recovery friendships and secure attachment bonds.
  • Learning important psycho-educational and relational information to create insight.

Safe Place To Share Struggles

This sexual addiction counseling group provides a safe place to share your struggles, your secrets, and get support to make changes to your future. The other group members fully understand the struggle, the shame, and how to begin a new journey of freedom.  When group members share, other group members often nod in understanding because they have similar experiences.

The addiction is about isolation, keeping secrets, shame, fear of rejection and struggling alone.  The group is about getting the secrets out without shame or rejection, and you are never alone.  Group members often state, “This is the one place I feel safe to share anything. I have confidence that other members of this group get me.”

The goal of the this counseling group is to have a place of accountability, support to work a recovery program, feel safe without the fear of shame or rejection, receive insights into your past trauma & pain that you are using the addiction to numb and medicate, sharing your story, and learning how to live a life with healthy sexuality.  Our goal is not to stop sex but rather how to enjoy in a healthy and committed relationship.

Men Supporting Men

This is a men only group and the only requirement is a desire to work recovery to be set free from the unhealthy sexual behaviors.  Sharing honestly and openly with other men is also a requirement.  No one recovers by keeping secrets.  You will quickly feel comfortable in the first session as you hear other men in the group share without fear of shame.

Group Information

The meetings are 90-minutes in length and usually begin with a reading from “Answers in the Heart” (daily reading meditation book for those recovering from sexual addiction). Then each group member has the opportunity to “check in” for their week by sharing what was good, bad, and if needed, ugly. Group members provide feedback after each check in and the last 30 minutes consists of one group member sharing his work from the workbook, “Facing the Shadow” by Dr. Patrick Carnes.

To Join The Counseling Group

If you want to join one of these groups, we require at least one individual counseling session to hear your story and to make sure you understand the work required in the groups. The session is also for you to ask questions about the group and for potential individual therapy as well. The individual session cost is $120.

The cost of the men’s counseling group is $50 per group session.  You will also need to purchase the workbook, “Facing the Shadow” (either through our center for $30 or you can purchase via  We also require that you commit to attending a minimum of 12 group session with an option to continue attending the group beyond that minimum commitment.  Most group members continue in the group for 1 to 2 years but that is completely up to you.

To join one of these groups, please call 303-933-5800 to inquire about vacancies in each group and to setup an individual session with a sexual addiction counselor.  Open spots are limited.