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Front Range Counseling Center first opened its doors in January 2005 with a focus on creating a safe place for men and women to heal and recovery from the wounds of sexual addiction.

At Front Range Counseling Center, all our therapists understand and have received specialized training to assess, diagnose and treat sex addiction, love addiction, codependency and trauma. Our mission is to treat the whole family system — partners, children and extended family. We offer individual, couples, and group therapy along with weekend and weekday intensives and workshops.

Our counselors have designed programs for men and women that struggle with sexual addiction and also a program for the spouses/partners of the sex addicts.  The programs were based on the research completed by Dr. Patrick Carnes (“Out of the Shadows”) and we currently have 9 men’s sexual addiction counseling groups, and 2 female partners of sex addicts groups.

In addition to the focus on the addiction and compulsive components of these problems, we offer a range of professional services that treat the underlying wounds often associated with sex addiction. First and foremost, we desire to see the client set free from the cycle of sex addiction and to help families hurt by the addiction.

Your therapist will work with you and your family on a one-on-one basis to help you understand and uncover the reasons for your struggles and the harm addiction may have created. For partners of addicts, we are experts in treating the trauma and betrayal and in helping you move through the painful experiences and harm caused by addiction and compulsion.

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For sexual healing or sexual intimacy healing to be successful, an environment filled with empathy, compassion, and honesty can be helpful. We understand that this approach is crucial to creating the space necessary to break through denial and fear and cultivate serenity, peace, intimacy, honesty, and integrity. Healthy sexuality and intimacy are at the core of sex therapy and addiction healing. Addiction therapy of any kind requires feeling empowered to take control and heal.

If you or a loved one is ready to work recovery and find freedom from the destruction of the addiction, then let us help today. Contact us to begin restoring your sexual self, marriage or relationship, or if you are a partner of a sex addict, begin your own journey of healing.

Contact Front Range Counseling Center through our contact form (click on the button below) or give us a call at 303-933-5800.